"Student information system."
Check out our application demonstration video below
Student categorization
Info is available corresponding to their grade of admission & year of admission.
Upload student picture
Students can also set their profile picture from thier consoles.
External camera integration
Integrate external camera for capturing student pictures and uploading with ease.
Registration date
Defines the core functioning of all other modules.
Define the way you want your list to be.
Multiple domains for information input
Personal, family, contact, medical, education, documents.
TC, Domicile, Income certificates, aadhar, pan, bank info etc .
Parent, guardian & sibling info
Detailed information input.
Medical info
Blood group, prescriptions, doctor contact etc.
We extract all possible data for better outcomes.
Academic history
All academic history is saved and secured.
Comprehensive filter
Option to create multiple custom reports by choosing filters.
Individual & group communication
SMS & email to a parent or student right from the console.
Document management
Upload student documents , no more hassles with storing heaps of papers.
Mark received documents
Students will be notified untill all documents are received.
Filter documents & group download
Searching group of documents has never been so easy.
Generate reports of not received documents.
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